Cytek™ Aurora – Say Hello to a New Reality

by | Jun 7, 2018 | Life Science

Meet Cytek Aurora

A prodigy incorporating a unique combination of innovative technologies that takes flow cytometry to the next level of performance and flexibility.

Available on GSA Contract through Government Scientific Source

High flexibility and high multiplexing capability
  • Allows the use of any dye excitable by the installed lasers (Blue, Red, Violet, and Yellow-Green lasers)
  • Spectral un-mixing, combined with optical design, enables use of previously incompatible dye combinations
  • Demonstrated 24 colors assay based on violet, blue and red dyes

The Cytek Aurora flow cytometry system offers more colors, higher sensitivity and greater reagent flexibility at an affordable price, enabling more scientists to obtain deeper biological insights from a single sample.

Available on GSA through Government Scientific Source

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