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For over 125 years, Yamato Scientific has provided quality products and services with the latest advances in innovation and technology to the scientific market. Yamato believes that science has the power to improve lives.

At Yamato Scientific, we strive to excel.

When choosing temperature control equipment for specific applications, Yamato provides different types of high quality ovens at affordable prices, including Natural Convection, Forced Convection, Fine, Inert, Vacuum and Clean ovens.  Possible uses are virtually endless, from drying food to curing microchips. Yamato ovens have long been recognized for their reliability and durability.  

DKN Series Programmable Forced Convection Oven

Yamato’s Bestseller! Programmable forced convection constant temperature ovens with extended functions and safety features.

DX Series Natural Convection Oven

Yamato’s close second bestselling ovens, the DX Series Natural Convection Oven. Standard type natural convection constant temperature drying ovens with extensive features and simple operation.
Aside from ovens, Yamato is also known for its steam sterilizers.  Yamato sterilizers provide a safe, reliable high-pressure steam sterilizing environment within a self-contained unit that is particularly easy to use.  Its smooth-rolling casters and no plumbing requirement allow easy mobility from lab to lab.  Its top loading door design is ideal for optimal space saving.  Select from SK, SN and SQ Series for sterilize only and SM Series for both sterilize and drying cycles.

Yamato’s product portfolio, which includes muffle furnace, incubator, rotary evaporator, constant temperature bath, water circulator, cold trap, spray dryer, freeze dryer, water purifier, stirrer, shaker, laboratory washer, plasma cleaner and laboratory furniture, are manufactured under stringent quality control.


We, at Yamato Scientific, are dedicated to providing the highest quality scientific and laboratory instruments.
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