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by Aug 1, 2018Healthcare

Milestone Medical was founded over 20 years ago with the goal to reduce Patient Anxiety. Through innovation and market research, Milestone aims to bring you products that standardize your histology procedures and achieve quick and reliable results for your patients.


The tissue processor with the highest uptime by design. Work flow flexibility with dramatic reagent cost saving, Xylene free!


Built-in efficiency in tissue processing enabling a flexible workflow at a fraction of the running cost. No decanting. Xylene free!


Digital imaging system for grossing to go beyond a simple picture. On-screen measurements and annotations, tagging for advanced searches, chain of custody and pictures available to the pathologist at the time of slide examination


Fail-safe cryoembedding system. NO toxic NOR dangerous reagents. High throughput and reliability for MOHS


Safe (no formalin fume exposure) and cost saving vacuum sealing of bio-specimens for collection, transport and storage. Optimized molecular results


All-in-one mobile workstation for rapid on-site evaluation (ROSE) of FNA cytology

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Today, Milestone is proud to offer innovative solutions in six different fields: Pre-Analytical, Tissue Processing, Frozen Section, Digital Systems, Cytology and green Reagents. All products aim to Help Patients and to create a better laboratory environment for the medical staff of both the Anatomical Pathology and Surgical rooms.

Milestone’s skilled group of professionals studies every new project, from the drawings to the final prototype, getting to the final stage in which the operating units are ready for the labs.

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