True Low Volume, High Throughput Subvisible Particle Analysis

by | Aug 13, 2018 | Life Science


High throughput low volume subvisible particle analysis

25µl Minimum Volume  |  96 Sample Automation  |  1 Minute Per Sample

Available on GSA Contract through Government Scientific Source

BMI uses sophisticated image-processing techniques to analyze images and acquire particle data. The key is to first take a background image of the membrane. After samples are filtered through and particles are captured, the same membrane is re-imaged, this time with particles on the surface. The background image is precisely aligned with the sample image and then subtracted on a pixel-by-pixel basis so that the background texture is eliminated and particles are revealed. Contrast is 10x greater than measurements done in liquid, sizes are calibrated with an electron microscope, and analysis is fully automated.

  • Highly Reproducible – CVs of polydisperse samples under 6%
  • Consumable – ZERO particle carryover, ZERO cross-contamination , ZERO washing
  • High Refractive Index Contrast – Dry-based measurement = Analyze small and dim particles with higher fidelity
  • Fluidics-Free – Zero purge volume, Zero Leaking, ZERO clogging
  • No Confounding Particles – Air bubbles are not measured
  • Instrument Compatibility – Particles are captured on a membrane where they can be analyzed later with other instruments
Available on GSA exclusively through Government Scientific Source

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