The Best Cryogenic Mill: Because Breaking Up Is Hard to Do…

by Sep 12, 2018General Lab & Safety

SPEX SamplePrep’s Freezer/Mills® are cryogenic laboratory mills that chill samples in liquid nitrogen then pulverize them with a magnetically driven impactor. They are recognized as the world’s most effective laboratory mills.

Typical Samples

Plant and animal tissue, plastic and polymers, yeast, pharmaceuticals, food products, electronic components, textiles, hair & bones.

Features and Benefits

  • Sample vial maintains low level temperatures due to continuous immersion in liquid nitrogen
  • Heat sensitive metabolites, isomers, and complex molecules retain their composition as they are not degraded by heat or pressure
  • Touch-screen interface for easy usage
  • Sample Vial reaches liquid nitrogen temperatures in minutes
  • Maintenance-free design with only one moving part
  • Backed by SPEX SamplePrep’s 60 years of experience


The 6875D Freezer/Mill is a high-throughput, dual chamber cryogenic grinder with a self-contained liquid nitrogen tub and insulated case. It chills samples in liquid nitrogen then pulverizes them with a magnetically driven impactor. It accommodates samples in the 0.1 gram to 200 gram range (100 per grinding chamber).


The 6875 Freezer/Mill is a larger cryogenic grinder with a self-contained liquid nitrogen tub and insulated case. Optional auto-fill system is available to automatically fill the bath with liquid nitrogen. It grinds samples from 0.1 to 100 grams using one large vial, four small vials, or four microvial sets.


The 6775 Freezer/Mill is a small cryogenic grinder with a self-contained liquid nitrogen tub and insulated case. Grinds samples from 0.1 to 5.0 grams using one standard vial or one microvial set.

Features Available in All Units

  1. Safety features include LN sensor and lid interlock. If lid is opened during the grinding process, grinding will stop.
  2. Closed grinding vial with impactor prevents sample cross-contamination. Grinding vials made of alternative materials are also available.
  3. Liquid nitrogen is required for operation. The sample’s temperature is maintained because it NEVER leaves the enclosed liquid nitrogen bath.

SPEX® SamplePrep was founded in 1954 to provide superior sample preparation equipment and supplies for laboratories world wide. Our products are used to prepare samples for a wide range of applications including XRF analysis, DNA/RNA Extraction, Pesticide extraction, Borate Fusion and mechanochemistry. Our goals is to ensure is to make the sample preparation process simple while increasing throughput, ensuring reproducibility and to minimizing cross contamination.

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