B&W Tek TacticID for Narcotics Identification

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All-Inclusive Handheld Raman for Identification of Hazmat, Narcotics, Explosives & More

Law enforcement officers responsible for reducing narcotics trafficking and drug abuse face more challenges than ever before. New drugs are appearing at an alarming rate and the global drug problem is spiraling out of control.

Today, the legal process from arrest to prosecution can be lengthy and quite costly to taxpayers. After an arrest, narcotic-specific test kits are typically used by law enforcement to obtain a positive indication for presumptive evidence. However, for new and emerging drugs, specific test kits may not be available yet. While narcotic-specific kits can be used in the field or at a police station, seized samples are subsequently sent to a state laboratory for confirmatory testing. Overburdened laboratories may require weeks or even months before test results reach the prosecutor’s hands. The burden and stress placed on chemists to process samples as quickly as possible can be substantial.

Confirmatory analytical techniques that are relied on for analysis are now being miniaturized and simplified and are making their way into field instrumentation. The transition from lab-based to field-based analyzers allows users to conduct the same reliable measurements at the point of arrest, reducing the burden on crime labs and accelerating the prosecution process. One of the most common analytical techniques transitioning from the laboratory to the field is Raman spectroscopy.


The TacticID®-1064 is a field-ready handheld spectral analysis instrument designed for non-destructive forensic analysis by safety personnel and first responders, including law enforcement personnel, bomb squads, customs and border patrol, hazmat technicians, and more. The TacticID-1064 utilizes proven Raman spectroscopy, allowing users to get real-time actionable identification of unknown chemicals, narcotics, pharmaceutical drugs, explosives* and many other substances in less than 1 minute, significantly reducing operational uncertainty and response time. By utilizing the 1064nm wavelength, the TacticID-1064 avoids fluorescence, allowing users to work with even tough street samples.

Key Features

Customized Libraries:
Add user-created library items quickly & easily to stay one step ahead of emerging threats.

Nondestructive Analysis:
Increase user safety by scanning through plastics, bottles and other translucent packaging materials.

Critical Component Mixture ID:
Able to identify components and threat level within a mixed sample.

On-board Camera:
Take photos at the scene and record any sample info using the onboard camera; photos and notes are included in the test report.

Manage data, send results, update software/libraries and more through USB or secured wireless Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

Safety Info on Screen:
GHS and NFPA704 safety information displays in addition to red, yellow and green result screens provide immediate visual safety information.

Touch Screen Quick Notes:
Add custom notes to a scan result anytime, anywhere with the touch screen interface.

TacticOne Response®:
24/7/365 emergency support and spectral analysis.


Easy, touch screen operation or optionally navigate via hardware buttons. Directly write reports to USB or synchronize results to secure database wirelessly or via USB. Detailed reports with results, measurement details, user notes and photos.

Sampling Accessories

Included standard with the TacticID-1064 are the point-and-shoot adaptor, liquid vial holder, polystyrene validation cap for system testing, and a right angle adaptor for hands-free measurement. With the optional bottle adaptor, samples can be identified without removing from the original container.

B&W Tek is the worldwide leader in Raman spectrometer manufacturing with over 10,000 Raman spectroscopy solutions delivered. Their complete line of high performance laboratory, portable and handheld Raman spectrometers sets them apart with solutions for the classroom to the research lab to the loading dock. Their extensive knowledge and cutting-edge technology in the field of spectroscopy has allowed them to focus on solution-oriented products that are designed for mobility for use by non-specialists, provide easy, rapid results in a matter of minutes. 


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