NEW: Ultra-High Pressure Guard Cartridges

by | Sep 21, 2018 | Analytical

Restek is pleased to announce the release of Raptor UHPLC guard cartridges

These ultra-high pressure guard cartridges provide maximum column protection from dissolved matrix components and are lifetime tested to ensure long-lasting performance at high pressures. Their ruggedness will stand up to pressure spikes during the load/inject cycle of UHPLC autosamplers.

They use the same EXP holder as the current Raptor guard cartridges, so if you are making the switch to UHPLC instruments with Raptor 1.8µm columns, you will be able to use your existing EXP holder with the Raptor UHPLC guards.

New Products

Raptor EXP Guard Column Cartridges

Great with any Raptor column to get ultimate protection from particulates and matrix contamination, especially when using dilute-and-shoot or other minimal sample preparation techniques.

UltraShield UHPLC PreColumn Filter

  • Cost-effective protection for UHPLC systems.
  • Reliable way to filter out particulates and extend column lifetime.
  • Minimize extra column volume and maximize UHPLC sample throughput vs. guard cartridges.
  • Universal fit—connects easily to any brand column.

Restek is a leading developer and manufacturer of chromatography columns and accessories. Restek provides analysts around the world with the innovative tools they need to monitor the quality of air, water, soil, foods, pharmaceuticals, chemical, and petroleum products.

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