Introducing the New Shining Star of Manual Microtomy

by Sep 28, 2018Healthcare

Manual microtomy is now sophisticated

The Accu-Cut® SRM 300 LT  is the first and only American made manual microtome to illuminate microtomy.  Manufactured in Torrance, CA the Accu-Cut SRM 300 LT  is the first and only manual microtome with innovated features designed to make paraffin embedded tissue samples much easier to see and safer to section. Histotechs can now quickly find translucent biopsies in the block using 1 or a combination of the 4 LED colors.

Product Features

LED backlit chuck for improved visualization of the specimen in the block

The Accu-Cut SRM 300 LT is the first and only manual microtome with a LED backlit chuck that increases the contrast between specimens and paraffin without warming the block. Users can now be confident in seeing exactly where the tissue is located to prevent cutting through a small biopsy or previously sectioned block.
  • 4 user selectable LED color options: white, red, green and blue
  • Independent adjustable intensity for each color
  • Ability to create any color by mixing the color intensities to contrast the specimen against cassette and paraffin
  • Electronic LED backlight can be turned on and off

Precision orientation for precise block alignment

The Accu-Cut SRM 300 LT features a 3D Precision Chuck for accurate alignment of the block face to the blade, which is crucial for recuts.
  • Quick and precise fine angle adjustments on all 3 axes (XYZ)
  • Chuck retains its position when locked or unlocked
  • Dial indicators display the angle position of the chuck (± 8°)
  • Quickly and accurately return to a zero position
  • Universal cassette clamp accommodates most common cassettes

Ergonomic design for comfortable sectioning

The compact and ergonomic design of the Accu-Cut SRM 300 LT helps to minimize cumulative stress on the user and increases both efficiency and productivity.
  • A smooth-running, conveniently positioned hand wheel reduces fatigue
  • An optional ergonomic oblong handle is available for even more comfortable sectioning
  • The course hand wheel is optimally sized and positioned for comfortable trimming in either clockwise or counter clockwise rotation, switchable by the user
  • The trimming lever can be engaged to advance the chuck 10 or 40 microns to reduce the number of hand wheel rotations for quick trimming
  • Immediate response to hand wheel movements require less user effort to move the chuck

Built-In Safety Features to Protect Users From Microtomy Injuries

The Accu-Cut SRM 300 LT includes many exclusive features that reduce the risk of accidental injuries associated with blade exposure.
  • The first and only brake lock indicator provides users with peace-of-mind by displaying that the chuck is locked and will not move while the user interacts with the microtome
  • The universal blade holder can be moved laterally on its base to allow full utilization of the blade edge without having to change the clamping pressure on the blade or touch it until it is completely used
  • The red blade guard can be set in the UP position to protect the user from accidental exposure to the blade edge while sectioning
  • The exclusive sliding dispense and Pilot Pin features of the Low Profile Accu-Edge blade cartridges enable the user to safely insert a blade into the blade holder without touching it

Spacious, easy to clean waste tray

  • The Accu-Cut SRM 300 LT features a large and comfortably shaped waste tray for efficient removal of paraffin waste.
  • The waste tray easily snaps in and out for quick removal and cleaning
  • Two integrated forceps cleaners are available on the right and left sides of the tray
  • The waste tray has an exclusive built-in slot and waste bag attachment system for convenient waste collection and disposal
  • Disposable plastic waste bags help to keep the microtome area clean

Convenient accessories

The Accu-Cut SRM 300 LT is the first and only microtome with a space-saving Tool Organizer giving back precious bench space. The Tool Organizer sits on top of the microtome and holds Kimwipes®, blade cartridges, brushes, forceps, teasing needles, pencils and has 40 slots to air-dry slides, all in one central location.
Available on GSA and DLA/ECAT through Government Scientific Source

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