Returnable Containers for Solvents

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Analytical

Lab managers are increasingly being faced with conflicting requirements, tight timelines, pressure to spend less money and save waste must be balanced against the need to maintain or improve efficiency and output and obtain consistent and repeatable test results on a global scale.

Instrument suppliers offer increased automation of common laboratory procedures to eliminate human error, while freeing up lab staff for more demanding tasks such as data analysis. But there is also an important role for the manufacturers and suppliers of reagents and chemicals. This includes the development of packaging solutions that streamline how chemicals and analytical reagents are integrated into the laboratory workflow.

Returnable and reusable stainless steel containers provide more efficient solvent delivery, come complete with accessories that allow easy dispensing and connection to commonly used analytical instruments such as HPLC, and are much easier and safer to handle. They are specifically engineered to allow safe and efficient storage, transport and dispensing of solvents while maintaining solvent quality. Choosing high purity solvents in returnable containers and working with chemical suppliers that fully understand a laboratory’s needs, can help cut waste and increase efficiency while enhancing safety.

Returnable Container Program

Honeywell Burdick & Jackson™ and Chromasolv™ high-purity solvents as well as BioSyn™ DNA/RNA reagents are available in common bottles, cans and drums as well as in innovative returnable SSPDS containers that increase lab efficiency, maintain solvent purity and reduce packaging waste. These customer-dedicated containers provide an environmentally responsible way to enhance lab safety and convenience. Dispensing from a fully sealed, break-resistant system reduces employee exposure and increases shelf life by maintaining purity.

Features & Benefits

  • Increase instrument and production run times
  • Reduce analysis and process contamination
  • Eliminate packaging waste
  • Environmentally sustainable

Stainless Steel Pressure Dispense System (SSPDS) Container

The SSPDS container is engineered for shipping, storing and dispensing high-purity solvents.

  • meet UN, US DOT and OSHA standards for flammable and combustible liquids
  • made from stainless steel, specially cleaned to eliminate contamination prior to solvent filling
  • solvent flow path surfaces are inert stainless steel, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or fluoroelastomer to ensure solvent stability
  • tamper-evident seals help to verify the delivery of high-quality, uncontaminated solvent
  • container and fittings are designed for a pressure tight seal
  • hoses and solvent dispensers deliver solvent directly to instruments and dispensing stations.

In addition to system installation recommendations, Honeywell offers regulatory assistance, training on safe container usage and a convenient round-trip shipping program.

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