All Biomarker Kits Are Not Created Equal

by Nov 19, 2018Life Science

See the Difference: Rigorous Assay Development

MilliporeSigma Biomarker KitYour research frequently demands tracking unique combinations of biomarkers. Often, there is no single assay that measures all of your proteins of interest or offers the sensitivity/ dynamic range that you require. Many scientists are forced to split samples and run separate assays, or work to optimize an assay range entirely and then re-validate their assay.

In addition, assays marketed for screening purposes may not be validated for lot-to-lot consistency, and are often not suitable for long-term studies. Each of these factors can make measuring your proteins of interest costly and time-consuming.


Multiplexed biomarker analysis using Luminex® systems

Assays Performed on These Platforms

for Full Panel Offerings and specifications:

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Antibody specificity is tested to ensure negligible cross-reactivity of each antibody pair with other analytes and proteins in the validated sample types.

Assay specificity is ensured by confirming consistent performance of every analyte in both singleplex and multiplex formats

Method Comparisons
We test our kits against in-house kits with the same analytes (MILLIPLEX® map, ELISA or SMC assays), and against kits from other vendors when available, ensuring we launch the highest performing kits.
Assay buffers and bead diluents are optimized to enhance antibody binding to only those analytes of interest in the presence of sample matrix.
Detection and Sensitivity
The detection range and minimum detectible concentrations (minDCs) for each analyte is published in our protocols, and is based on actual samples.
Proper maintenance of instrumentation eliminates or minimizes cross-talk between analytes in the assay.
Performance in a Sample Matrix
Assays are validated for the specific sample type, and for kits validated for serum and plasma, we always provide an optimized native serum matrix to mimic the environment of the sample, normalizing assay performance.


Our team of scientists is here to help! With a track-record of developing only high-quality, validated MILLIPLEX® map kits for Luminex® systems, we now offer the ability to customize assays to meet your exact requirements. And we have extended our expertise to new platforms, including the ultrasensitive SMCxPROinstrument.

Using your research plan as the blueprint for custom assay development, a scientist will consult with you during the development process about your assay requirements. We offer a comprehensive menu of validation offerings to get you started. All projects are managed by a dedicated project manager, and data review calls are arranged at each project milestone to ensure that the assay is meeting performance requirements for your samples.

Examples of some popular features of our custom assays include:

  • Ability to measure new analytes
  • Combining targets from multiple panels into one kit
  • Validating for a new sample type
  • Providing appropriate assay ranges for your samples (often using your samples during development)
  • Transitioning assays from one platform to another
  • Supplying kits with lot-to-lot consistency and guaranteed performance

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