B&W Tek Portable Carbon Raman Analyzer

by Jan 15, 2019General Lab & Safety

i-Raman® Prime

i-Ramen Prime B&WTRaman spectroscopy is an ideal analytical tool for nondestructive analysis of carbon nanomaterials. Carbon nanomaterials constitute a variety of carbon allotropes including graphene, graphene oxide, carbon nanotubes, and carbon nanofibers, each exhibiting unique properties in electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and mechanical strength. The Raman spectra of carbon nanomaterials are typically characterized by three major bands: the G-band, the D-band, and the 2D-band (also referred to as the G’-band). Though simple, the spectra of these nanomaterials are rich in information about their quality and their micro-structures, such as crystallinity and level of disorder revealed by the peak positions, peak shapes, and peak intensities.

B&W Tek’s Carbon Raman Analyzer (CRA) is a portable Raman system with 532nm laser excitation and a fiberoptic sampling probe. The CRA is equipped with a high-throughput spectrometer with back-thinned CCD TE-cooled to -25°C. It is ideal for materials in powdered forms, with no need for sample preparation. For easy, reproducible measurement, the CRA package includes a probe holder with an adjustable xyz stage and a Class 1 laser enclosure. No microscope is needed for the analysis. The BWSpec® software for data collection, spectral processing, and experimental set up configuration can be programed to automatically calculate various parameters such as D- and G-band intensity ratios and G-band peak heights. BWSpec® can calculate and monitor up to six variables with real-time results displayed in a trend plot and a table simultaneously. With such ease of use, CRA allows graphene manufacturers to obtain at-line or on-line measurements for material characterization, product quality control, and process monitoring.


Model: BWS475-532-HT

Laser Source: Class III B with software adjustable power


Power Adaptor Input: 100-240V AC 50/60 Hz

Battery: Optional


Dimensions: 15.7 in x 10.2 in x 9.8 in (40 cm x 26 cm x 25 cm)

Weight: ~19.5 lbs (~8.8 kg)

Operating Temperature: 0 ˚C – 35 ˚C

Storage Temperature: -10 ˚C – 60 ˚C

Humidity: 10% – 85%


  • Graphene powders G-band shift, G-band dispersion, area ratio of G-band over 2D-band
  • GO or rGO ID / IG
  • CNT (SWNT and MWNT) ID / IG, RBM for SWNT
  • Carbon nanofibers CNT weight % and ID / IG
  • Carbon black materials ID / IG
  • Manufacturing process residuals (such as iron oxide) detection


  • Portable Raman system with 532nm laser excitation
  • BWSpec® software with Timeline Experiment and Batch Re-Process configuration for automatic result and trend plot display
  • Class 1 laser enclosure
  • No microscope needed
  • Non-destructive analysis
  • No sample preparation
B&W Tek is the worldwide leader in Raman spectrometer manufacturing with over 10,000 Raman spectroscopy solutions delivered. Their complete line of high performance laboratory, portable and handheld Raman spectrometers sets them apart with solutions for the classroom to the research lab to the loading dock. Their extensive knowledge and cutting-edge technology in the field of spectroscopy has allowed them to focus on solution-oriented products that are designed for mobility for use by non-specialists, provide easy, rapid results in a matter of minutes. 

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