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We’ve put together different product lines complementing each other.


Rotary evaporator: A wide selection to meet your requirements!

It rotates and evaporates, combine it with a water circulator and a vacuum pump, this becomes an essential equipment set-up in a laboratory. The Yamato Rotary Evaporator, RE Series, provides reliability and versatility at an affordable price.  Our line allows you to choose from four models of rotary evaporators, four types of water bath, two types of oil bath, and 3 different types of glassware sets, allowing you to customize a system tailored to your specification and budget.


Economical evaporator system designed to meet general evaporation applications.  Manual lift with analog control.  Add optional arm jack for easy lifting permitting setting flexibility. Choose between 4L or 7L water bath or oil bath.


Our most popular, user friendly evaporation system.  Equipped with motorized lift to easily raise or lower unit, digitally set and displayed motor speed and universal power supply 100-240VAC.


Advanced evaporation system. Highly functional and programmable.  Standard equipped with motorized lift, vapor regulator and vapor temperature display functions.


Our top model evaporation system with automatic distillation.  53 solvent data installed as default.


Water Circulator

The cooling water circulator keeps the water in the condenser at a stable temperature allowing ideal conditions for collecting the maximum amount of solvent.

The Yamato Water Circulator, CF Series, is a powerful cooling and big energy saver in combination with rotary evaporator distillation.  When using CF800, up to 4 rotary evaporators can be connected saving investment and operation cost.


Solvent Collecting Unit

RT200 recovers organic solvent substances from vapor sucked in by the vacuum pump during concentration work of rotary evaporator and prevents discharge of organic solvent into the air.

Operational requirement: Cooling Water Circulator connected to the rotary evaporator


vacuum pump

A vacuum pump allows you to lower the pressure within the rotary evaporator.  The rotary evaporator’s vacuum controller works together with the pump so that you can preset a specific pressure.  Yamato recommends a complete kit of the ULVAC DTC Diaphragm type dry vacuum pump.

Available on GSA through Government Scientific Source

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