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The CytoFLEX Flow Cytometer has a unique flow cell design and integrated optics. The innovative Wavelength Division Multiplexing
(WDM) detection module includes solid-state, high efficiency, low-noise detectors for excellent performance. The revolutionary system presents optimal excitation and emission, minimizing light loss and maximizing sensitivity. This means that you can easily detect dim populations in your sample. And all with an easy to use software interface.
At 40.6 by 40.5 by 33 cm (H by W by D) and
less than 22 kg, the compact size and light weight mean that you can take the instrument where
it is needed, including inside a laminar flow or biosafety hood. The CytoFLEX Flow Cytometer’s superior sensitivity and resolution throughout all configurations give it the edge over other cytometry systems four times its size.

Independent Researcher Performance Assessments


This metric measures the number of bound antibodies that can be resolved from unstained lymphocytes with lower numbers equaling better low-end resolution.


The Gigamix solution is a mixture of fluorescent Megamix-Plus SSC and Megamix-Plus FSC beads (BioCytex a Stago group company, Marseille, France) which have different sizes, 100, 160, 200, 240, 300, 500, 900 nm (red, purple, orange, blue, green, olive, and fuchsia, respectively). Beads were measured at flow rates of 10, 60 and 120 μl/min. The population of the 100 nm beads is very small and within the range of noise. Increasing the flow rate makes the 100 nm beads more visible. The visibility of all other peaks was also improved indicating that by increasing the flow rate the background noise is not also increased.


Using 8-peak beads, the third brightest peak’s median intensity was measured at every gain and plotted versus MFI.
Laser and Fluorescent Channel Choices

The system can be fully configured with up to three lasers and 13 fluorescent channels for 15 analysis parameters or purchased as a one laser 4 color system and upgraded later as needed.

Optimal Performance upon Installation

The advanced optical system is alignment free. The laser delays are automatically adjusted by the daily QC system, if required.

  • Provides 7 decades of tunable dynamic range
  • Provides 7 decades of tunable dynamic range
  • <30 MESF FITC
  • <10 MESF PE• 200nm particle detection
Conserve Precious Samples
and Maximize Data Collected

Use sample volumes as low as 10μL. User adjustable flow rate from 10-240 μL/minute, selectable at three increments. Detect up to 30,000 events per second with 15 parameters.

For higher throughput applications, an optional plate loader module can save hands on time.

  • CytoFLEX Plate Loader option can analyze a 96-well plate in as little as 32 minutes.
  • Switch between single tube and plate acquisition in 5 minutes.
  • Easy virtual plate layout setup with customizable wash and mix cycles
  • Define multiple experiments on a single plate
  • Compatible with flat-bottom, U- and V-bottom standard plates

Rainbow 8-peak Bead Data

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